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Hello I have just brought a laptop from ebay and it came with linux on it which i have no clue on how to use, I'd like to learn but don't have the time I just want it off my system so i can go back to windoze. However when i start my pc it freezes at the boot screen and says kernel panic not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel blink.gif Can anyone help me get round this and take linux off please?. Thankyou
Make sure the laptop BIOS is configured to boot from the CDROM drive first and then boot from the windows install CD. If you still can not install windows then you might have to wipe the disk first.

What is the make / model of the laptop?
Sounds like someone has already deleted Linux off the system because the bootloader can't find your kernel. This is similar to the "No Operating System Found" error message you would get from DOS if your Windows bootloader couldn't find NTDLR.

I would have to say that this is the best answer, anyone who is selling their laptop on ebay has most likely erased whatever information they had on it, and even if they didn't, you wouldn't be able to have access to their system without the proper password.

The best thing for you to do if you have no interest in using Linux is to get your hands on a Windows cd and pop it into the cdrom drive and boot the install off that. YOu may need to modify your BIOS settings to allow booting off the cd.

If you are expericing problems with the Linux bootloader continuing to come up, you can go to and grab yourself a copy of the Windows98 boot disk. Create it, and boot up your laptop from the floppy. When you get to the dos prompt, run:

fdisk /mbr

That will clear your mbr for you.

Just because this is a Linux Help site, I'm going to suggest that sometime in the future when you get some free time, you should give linux a shot, it's a great learning experience. Best of luck.
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