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Full Version: Ice Cream
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This is completeley unrelated to Linux, but since it's nearly summer, and I am fond of ice cream, I was wondering what flavour is the most popular...

So in true democratic style, I created a poll. biggrin.gif

Feel free to add any new options (if you are blssed with such privileges) or suggest them if you aren't.

For the beneift of Japanese-speaking people:- アイスクリム? ? ??? ?? ?。

As of this posting 21 views and I guess no else likes ice cream on the site but us.
You really needed an "Other" option and have the user post below.

My favorite is Moon Mist flavour
So, what does "moon mist" entail? (I changed raspberry ripple to other - phpBB lets you add new options... dry.gif )
I dunno, it's just moon mist, and it kicks ass
Apparently "Moon Mist: A mix of banana, grape and bubble gum ice cream, truly out of this world."

I have to try some of that... Although Britain is not the best place for getting adventurous ice cream... Maybe I will try and make some - Would be an interesting task.
Anyone ever try Hoof Prints. It vanilla Ice cream with choclate and small rolos in it. VERY good!!
I thin we miss out on some icecreams over in England. Ben & Jerrys are starting to bring in new ones (like fish-food) but we dont really have any particularly exciting ones. We have haagen-dazs, but carte d'or is pretty much unheard of (not sure if that sells outside europe though).

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