I'm new to the world of fluxbox and recently installed idesk. I have written the config file and now want to start putting icon's on to the desktop. I followed the online directions but when ever I run the command Idesk I get the warning

No Icon's loaded!!!! idesktop is empty or contains invaided Icons.

So I figure I would try to post here seeing as you guys and gals help me alot.

first I wrote the config file to .ideskrc
then I made the folder .idesktop
and in there made the file home.ink
I went to gentoo,org and downloaded some icons the one which I'm using is called home.png
then I used vi (my favorite editor) to write in to home.ink

here is my code

table Icon
Caption: Home
CaptionTip: My home
Icon: /home/docmur/.idesktop/home.png
Command[0]: nautilus /home/docmur
Command[1]: nautilus /home/docmur/otherDir

then I saved the code.

Can someone help me with this thanks
if it matters I'm working in Ubuntu on AMD64.



P.S. home.png is in .idesktop