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Full Version: Cronjob
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What I have is, I am setting up a web page and the host only gives access to cron job thought their cpanel. I don't mine it to much but it just doesn't give a good error report. I set up the job to run and set the path and then it send error report that reads:

/bin/sh: line 1: home/ogabs/hlstats/ No such file or directory.

I have gone back and change the path every way I knew how and still get the same error. I know the perl works, so it leads me to a dead end here as I have no way to get the true error out of the cron. Anyone out there that run into this that may shed some light on this for me.
I think you need a / before home (ie /home)

Wow thanks DS2K3 Why I did not see that. I guess it is the easy things you over look. Now onto the new error LOL I love working blind on the web. Now I have to find out why the program is looking at a file that is not were thinks it is lol

again thank for your help
two eye's are better then one

or maybe that's two sets of eyes, who knows
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