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hey guys. for the last month and a half, i've been on my work term from college. During this work term, i decided that the company needed an intranet website to bring together a lot of information that was scattered around the network. All the computers here run Windows 2000, so I have to settle with using Windows tools.

As much as I like using basic programs like Notepad, nano, etc, sometimes it's much easier to work with a program specifically designed for your purpose. So, I've been using Macromedia Dreamweaver 2004 which I have found very good in what I use it for. The intranet site is using mostly PHP, MySQL and a bit of javascript. I have a Windows 2000 computer running Apache2 and MySQL.

The problem now is, i'm reaching the end of my trial version of Dreamweaver, and am in need of a replacement. Preferably free software. This company works on a grant-basis, and i will not be able to convince them to dish out money for software.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would just assume re-download dreamweaver and re-start the trial period, but, i'm leaving the company in 3 weeks, and would like to leave the IT guy here something to work with. (it's bad enough I have to teach him php and css before i leave).

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god no.

i use code-view on dreamweaver. I just like the syntax-highlighting and site management, keeping my files in order and things like that.

I actually just came across PHP Designer 2005 and i was quite impressed. It's free to download for personal and commercial use, includes Free/GPL/MPL software, and has some great functionality to it. I haven't had any problems with it yet, and it even has some features i haven't seen anywhere else. I think i will probably stick with this.
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