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Beetle B.
Remember this page?

It's a great resource, but has not been updated in a long while. The point of the page is that people new to Linux are generally looking for software to perform certain tasks that they frequently performed while in Windows. However, they don't know what Linux software is available. So this table will let them look up the Windows software they used, and find an equivalent in Linux. The author announced in July of 2004 that he would be updating it, but still hasn't done it.

So, I decided to port it over to my wiki.

But, I really need help in updating it. It's mind bogglingly long.

Currently, you do not have to register to make changes on my wiki. Please do not abuse this (by throwing in random pages).

Note: Please, when you make changes, try to change the particular "task" you're working on from a numbered list to an unnumbered lists. Here's how you do it in Wiki:

*First Item
*Second Item
*Third Item
**Nested First Item
** Nested Second Item
*Fourth Item

As you can see, it's fairly easy to do, and will avoid the need to keep renumbering when something is inserted in the middle. You also don't need <br> tags.

For a concrete example, see the code for Web browsers (first item on the table).

Also, for editing purposes, do note that you can edit each section separately (each section has an edit link next to it).

Yes, I'm a newbie on this board, and this may be considered as spam by some. If the mods feel that way, feel free to delete this topic. I'm just going around on various Linux help forums and posting this, and may not return to see people's responses. If you have comments, please post them on the Discussion section of the page (link on top of the page).


This is pretty good, but you're right, it is mind-numbingly long, perhaps there's some way to split it up amongst different pages.

I would also like to take this opportunity to to remind everyone that has a wiki, which we are still trying to fully get off the ground. If you would like to submit this to our wiki, it would be great. We are in the process of debating the pros and cons with opening up registration to everyone, however, we can set you up with an account if you would like.

Either way, great work, and I hope that you will allow us to use the info.
You know what would be cool, a database which could be searched either by application type, or by name.

It could be done a bit like a wiki so that people could add new applications. I might give it a shot in PHP/MySQL...

Sounds like it could be fun. If you need any help DS, lemme know. I've been working so much with PHP/MySQL in the last 4 weeks that i'm seeing it in my sleep.
I have been thinking, that since the "database" would be most helpful if it was hierarchical (ie media -> video -> editing etc.) it would be best to use a heriarchical database backend - The most obvious answer seems to be just to use a directory structure and build the tree by scanning it recursively. That would also get ridmof the overhead of running MySQL alongside it. Using some sort of cache (perhaps just using a PHP app to build static-HTML every time the tree is modified), and speed trade off could be minimised.

Maybe we should split this to a new topic?

I'm not too much up on the latest technologies, but isn't this something that XML is good for? For being a database that's not a database?
I looked at XML support in PHP once - It is not exactly an intuitive set of functions to use...

I have created a basic system just to list the categories and what's in them in a hierarchical manner. I havent actually written the code to display the entries themselves, but I am just about to. is my working copy, so any parse errors, horrible bugs, vasrt amounts of debugging information that appear will likely not be there for more than a few minutes.

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