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Full Version: Where Can I Find Init Script
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what i am trying to do is making my cable login client run automaticly when i login at start up in the 5quota thing when you first boot and you see all these checks for ssh or kudzu or eth0 and stuff.

for that i need to find the place where i need to edit and to enter the info that will allow me to make the client run automaticly.

cheers ......
cagey cretin
My machine, RedHat 9, has it here:


I think that is what you meant...
It would help us if we knew what distribution you are running (different distributions do this in different ways). As well, if you could provide us with the commands that you wanted executed (leaving out the passwords or whatnot), maybe we could give you an idea on how to acheive this.
yeah true..... well i am using fedora 3 and i am trying to automate my lgin to my client when i start up so....

#starting bids2login....
/will/login -l (username) -p | (password file)
does this help

I'm not fully aware of Fedora Core (maybe i should install it soon to familiarize myself with it).

Check and see if you have a /etc/init.d/rc.local file, if so, this would probably be the best place to put your script. Usually you can just add it to the bottom of the file, and it will get run on bootup.
Thanks guys, thats it, i found it.... yay..

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