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Full Version: Linux Booting Process
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1. How the linux Boot messages are displayed on the console, before initialising the display driver by the Operating System ?

2. If I add the necessary configuration changes in lilo.conf to enable serial console (redirection thru serial port), how its able to redirect via serial port even from the very first message "Loading..." (even before initialisation of serial driver).

Kindly share your views.
Both VGA and Serial have generic methods by which they can be accesses. Serial itself doesnt normally require drivers art all, in fact often Serial is used to debug a broken system because it's even less likely to break than VGA output.

The BIOS also access the display without a driver, as does virutally every other OS out there. Hardware varies, but at a low level, all VGA cards can be accessed the same way (addmitedly not tkaing advatgae of 3D acceleration or decent resolutions). The BIOS itself can act as a serial-port "driver". The OS can feed data to the BIOS, and the BIOS will send it to the Serial Port. This can also be done for IDE hard disks, although the BIOS is often bypassed to allow advanced HDD feeatures to be used.

lol, this sounds like a school question laugh.gif
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