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Full Version: "time.h" And "sys/time.h" Problem
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For some reason, when ever I attempt to compile software I get one of two errors... Either "storage size of 'tzp' isn't known" or "gettimeofday requires two arguements".

I don't have a clue whats going on here, I've tried upgrading GCC/Binutils/Make/Bash/Sed/Libtool/<you name it> and the issue persists. I even went so far as to reinstall GLIB-2.3.2.

Now let me point something out, this issue has been going on for close to a month. Programs I used to be able to compile, Gaim/Xscreensavers/GDM/Xchat/etc., with out a hitch now balk when it comes to reading 'time.h' and 'sys/time.h'. I did run GCC with the -v flag to see whats going on but it doesn't even seem to be reading 'time.h'. ERROR-LOG

I recieve this error with both GCC and CCC [Compaq C]. I was wondering, could this be a BINUTILS issue or what? Is there some way to 'debug' this and figure out what the heck is going on or at the very least strace GCC and have the trace follow threads and supporting programs such as 'as'?

I was running the following setup:
Redhat 7.2 [Alpha]
Bash/SH-2.05b [patched]
You could try reinstalling the headers. It might be best just to uninstall all your headers, compilers etc. and then reinstall from scratch.

I've already did that.. I did manage to stumble upon the problem, when compiling, all I have to do is at the CFLAG -D_BSD_SOURCE and everything compiles fine.

I don't know what let up to the situation though, I didn't have the problem prior to installing GTK-2.6.x and Gnome-2.8.x...
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