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Full Version: Freeze After Installing A New Ide Hardrive
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I have redhat 8.0 running fine on my sony vaio desktop with a 8gb ide harddrive. I am trying to add a new 120GB harddrive on the second IDE Channel as the slave. My Bios finds i properly and when linux boots, it freezes at parittion check... the last i see

partition check
/hda (hd1, hd2, hd3)

and it freezes. Any ideas on how I can get linux to start. I was assuming if it starts up, I could then format the second hard drive, but it does not boot up now.

thanks for ur help

- Kumar
Have you checked to make sure the IDE connector is securely inserted into the motherboard and drive and is oriented correctly?

How old is this laptop. Is the BIOS capable of handling 120GB drive? Are the BIOS settings configured for auto detection?

Try running the drive diagnostics disk if one came with the drive and you have a floppy disk drive.
My Bios finds i properly

Apparently. smile.gif

Why are you using RedHat 8, if I can ask? If this is just a desktop, you might want to try a newer distro.

Remove the power from the new drive, and boot into linux.

Please display the output of (IIRC) tail /var/log/syslog
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