I am trying to run redhat 8.0. I have two NICís (3c509ís). Eth0 inits on boot with DHCP (client). This card is cabled to a dsl modem. The DHCP client works fine Ė I get all the info written into the leases file from the ISP. The eth1 card is connected to a hub which forms my local LAN. This card inits on boot with DHCP (server). This works as it should - my workstations get their IPís from the DHCP pool. So all of this speaks to the fact that the cabling and hardware is in working order.
The trouble:
I can only logon if I unplug the dsl modem from the phone jack. What happens isÖÖ
When both NICís init on the boot I get a strange prompt and my user and or password is not accepted. When I unplug the modem the eth0 NIC fails to init and the eth1 init is successful. I then get a prompt that uses the local hostname and I can login. I tried using Ėo xtrace in bash; but got lost trying to back trace this. My guess is that with both cards up Iím ending up in the backyard of my ISPís. This is probably a simple fix but Iím at a lost as where to find the answer.