Hi everyone,
I've installed a Debian GNU/Linux and set up a DHCP Server (dhcp3-server) within a Net ( -, netmask, GW and Broadcast The server works quite fine, but I have some problems with certain Windows XP and 2000 clients. When they're plugged into the net (also happens with WiFi, though) they receive a dynamic IP address, netmask and DNS, but a Warning of "Limited Conectivity" (it could be different, as it's a translation from "Conectividad Limitada" in Spanish wink.gif ) is shown and the computer is unable to navigate. sad.gif
All of the above also happens using a Linksys router as DHCP server.
I think that it could be something happening with the clients, as we put a Windows NT 4 or Windows 2000 DHCP server and works fine with the same clients. Could it be that MS only works with MS?
Does anyone know why could that happen and how to solve it? The .conf file of the server is very simple: it's authoritative, it's lease times are of 120 seconds and the subnet is defined as above. Both protocols are available (DHCP and BOOTP) and both work fine (I've sniffed the traffic, checking for lost packages, but they all reach their destination). The net has switches (no VLANs or VPNs defined), hubs and WiFi Access Points only as bridges.
Thanks for everything