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Full Version: X Xpusser Needs Help Please
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[COLOR=purple]For most of my computing life i have been a windows fan now 7 days into linux 10.1 i still can not connect to the internet even after following various instruction guides from various sites down to the letter allthough my network icon is now saying ethnet0 is fine i still cant connect any help would be well should we say the difference between having xp on my hardrive in a seperate partition or being linux free help please anyone. oh my system is a p4 Ht 2.61ghz processor,ge force fx5200 agp graphics ,1.024mb ddr memory, gigabyte GA - 8s655fx-l motherboard , ntl silver cable 35100 modem(with usb and lan (using lan),realtek 8139/810 network card, 2 80gb sata hd (not raid connfigerd), soundblaster live 5.1 platinum, firewire askey com corp fw322/323,hauppauge win tv 878/9 vfw, hp 5g colorodo tape drive,cd rom,dvd rom,cd/righter,dvd/righter.many thanks
Need some additional information.
What linux 10.1? Mandrake, Slackware?

So this is a cable modem. What steps have you tried?
Firstly thanks for reply mandrake 10.1 the setups i have tryed that kept my network icon inthe system tray grey and active were lan connection through ethernet 0 and 1 on same interface also cable through the same i could not get dhc? working i hat to enter static and in put my ip address this was only way to keep icon working in tray any sence out of me
Can you ping the modem? (I assume it has an IP of it's own on the LAN?)

No i no nothink about lan adaptors having having seperate ip addresses from my modem i have one for everythink and whats ping i used usb on windows and never networked befor help please deep end drowning
So, you have a network card in your computer, and have connected it to your modem/router using an ethernet cable. The modem/router is the gateway. You need to find out it's IP address and set that as the gateway. Then give your network card (i assume it is eth0) another (similar) IP adress, and the same subnet mask as the modem.

Once you ahve done that, you can use "ping" to see if the devices can "talk" to one another. Just open a console/command-line (run "konsole" if you are using KDE) and type "ping ip.of.gate.way" and see what happens...

If you cant find the IP address of the modem, either drop NTL support an email and ask what the default IP is for your modem/router or try googling the model number.

Any problems, just give us a shout

Hopefully that goes some way to getting your head above the water

ping is a network utility to request a response from another host or gateway. The command is
ping IP_ADDR (i.e.
ping host_name (i.e.

It can be used to test your network setup.

Try using the Mandrake control center run the network configuration wizard and configure eth0 for a cable connection.
sorry been on holiday for a week

i tryed what you said befor i went but it was 3am so i will have another go i just hope iam getting
the right ip address as i found it in the cable modem propertys box in win xp(hiss) if you like i could email you it so you can check it on a ping or is that not posible thanks for all your help anyway you are a star thanks cools
The modem's IP address as far as you are concerned will be an internal LAN address, and will not apply to the actual internet. Chances are, you get an different WAN IP each time you conenct to the internet.

Just use the "run" command in KDE to start "konsole" and then type "ping ip.of.cable.modem"

nice one d

just about to do as you requested oh here is a bit more info

firstly lets get my gender sorted i no by the stupid questions i keep asking you think iam female sorry iam male and would go so far to say after 20 years of computing iam not stupid either the problem is i connect to the internet via the cable modem which has an ethernet cable plugged into the ethernet port on the silver ntl modem this runs to my network card with one cable so the connection is as followed internet - modem - networkcard does this help i have no other computers sharing or attached to a network as i dont have a network just one linux pc trying to access the net and i do appricate all your input as i feel quite alone and with no surport with the operating system you few gurus are my last hope thanks
Well ive been over to linux again trying my hardest to follow every ones help this is my result

ping.ip.of.cable brought up netmonitor after about 3 minutes i thought nothink was happening then it appeared as follows

eth0 sending 36 average 10
eth0 received 0 average 0

but i also had eth1 realtek network card tab flicked to it 0 in all feilds then auto flicked back to tab1 eth0

the icon in the system tray says network is up on interface eth0
and to get this to stay active the modem has to be static once turned into dhcp icon in system tray has red cross through it and says network is down on intrface eth0

also when trying web browser could not find usable proxy script error message pops up in top lefthand croner

i set my realtek network cards ip address one number different from eth0 which i think is my modem used same gateway address from modem and same netmask as modem only thing is iam using static instead of dhcp on modem eth0 setup

any thoughts
alex sounds like you no a bit listen if you are a member of hotmail could i send you some sys snap shots for you to look at my email address is craigfinch1 (at) hotmail (dot) com and that goes for anyone else that thinks they can help heres some additional information

i have never connected to the internet through my networkcard in windows always use usb for connection so just to let you no i keep swapping them from usb to lan when i reboot in to linux

but on the upside i have tested card and it works both on linux and windows and a forum guru called d as asked me to ping windows connected to lan to see if we have a connection which i will have the results at 2030 gmt and will post them accordingly

and to answer your question alex ive wounded my self were that number came from as i never entered it in the field i will enter the numbers you sugested and post them at the same time

thanks for everyones help on this matter theres some real stars out there thanks again and see yas soon coolvibes

and many thanks to d who has suffered my perpetule wining for 2 weeks anyone else out there wanna help out or is it just m and d fairplay to d down at the dell much appreciated

Obfusticated Email Address - DS2K3
[Internet] --A [Modem] B -- C [PC]

A = Your modem's connection to the internet, gets an IP like 81.92......
B = You modem's conenction to the LAN, IP something like
C = Your PC's connection to the LAN (eth0), IP something like

Both B & C need to have the same netmask (probably and you need to set the gateway on the PC to the IP of B (

Your modem basically has two IP addresses, but we only need to bother with the Internal one ( B ).

I'm not sure why you have more than one ethernet device, unless you have multiple network cards...

It might be an idea to install "webmin" (it can be isntalled frm the MDK control panel) since it has quite good network configuration tools.

fair play d
detailed instructions
off to try them
tryed them mate didnt work

icon in try red cross through it

only numbers that worked were
netmask on lan and cable setup

gateway on lan and cable setup

ip on modem

and ip on lan can be anythink dont affect icon in tray

but when i try to connect i get unuseable proxyscript configuration error message or web address not reconised even if its google

nite all
i removed my firewire card from pci slot 6 and got another connection type that i have never seen befor so i take it that is my modem and my lan connection which is on my motherboard but still usees the pci bus and that is eth2 well i still havent got a clue what my ip address for my modem is as all the sites i try give me different results any help
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