I am new to linux and I am trying to install it in a dual boot with xp pro on seprate drives. I couldnt get the linux from my Itt class to install I think because I needed the 64 bit version. Do I have to use the 64 bit version on my 64 bit amd 3200 400mhz with a asus kv8 se motherboard? also i downloded the fedora core 3 and tested it. everything went smoothly. Installed the dual boot, it works smoothly untill I try to boot fedora core for the first time. It gets all the way to setting up the network. Then it says it is loading the red hat network suport when the screen goes black for a sec and then when it comes back the video is messed up at the top 1/4 of the screen. the hd continues to run but the indicator that fedora has the shows progress has stopped and even after 15 minutes nothing else happens. I have a ATI 128 meg 9200 video card and have heard this could be the problem. I reinstalled fedora a couple of times and got the farthest choosing the generic graphic card that it detects instead of the correct one. I know I am a noob and might not of given enough info on my system. any help or requests for more info would be gladly accepted.