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Full Version: 'servfail' For Bind9 On Debian
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I have a debian system and have been trying to configure Bind 9 so that it can run as a LAN DNS server. I've tried just about every guide, tried pre-written configuration/zone files, and nothing seems to work. The DNS server properly resolves all internet sites, but fails to resolve any server or address specified in the LAN zone file.

I checked the syslog and BIND loads the zone file properly (and shows the correct serial), but when I run dig or nslookup, it queries the server and returns two answers: the first header is the response from the server, listing the root servers in the authority section; the second header is the reply for the LAN domain, but the status returns 'SERVFAIL', with 1 query, no answers, no authority returns, and no 'additional' returns.

Any ideas? Are the default named.conf settings setup such that it will not search LAN domains? I have no idea to be honest, and after trying literally every guide out there I'm quite confused. I'm guessing you'll need more info to help, but I don't want to post all the zone files and the named.conf file unless you need it.

I'd greatly appreciate help!
I got it to work -- I think the problem was that I was using shorthand names incorrectly, and by using FQDN names I got it to work. tongue.gif
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