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Full Version: Compile Error
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I've been slowly working on creating a firewall using Mandrake 9, Netfilter and the Bridge Utilities. I had everything working, except then bridge patch I ran didn't work.

I managed to get that patched, then recompiled however I now receive an error that there is no space left on the HD. I have two hard drives, a 2.2 Gig and an 8 Gig. The 2.2 has the O/S, and there is still a spare 6.2 on the second HD.

I was trying to remove some un-needed files to free up diskspace by deleting log files in /var/log and the files in /root/tmp/. It didn't appear to free up much, so I rebooted (not sure why I thought that would help).

Now it runs through the boot, but when it gets to the login screen the screen goes fuzzy, the monitor clicks, then it goes back to a command line with an error message about the mouse not recognized, clicks again, then goes back to the blurr, then back to the command line. It does this over and over again.

Is this a HD space problem? Is there anything I can do to avoid reinstalling AGAIN.

Thanks in advance,

well, when you installed, it should have asked if you want to create a boot/rescue floppy. You should have said yes . If you did, boot from that and do B below. If no floppy, do A + B.

At the initlal boot (right at the start) enter
linux single
linux 1
this should get you into a console mode with minimal abilites, but as root.

Edit /etc/inittab and change
and reboot. That'll get you a full system in console mode smile.gif
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