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I make websites, and since quite a lot of people still use Internet Explorer (IE) I need it.
I am running Mepis (debian based)

I am kind of a Linux n00b (basic knowledge of bash and commands, etc) so I don't know how to handle this. (wine? crossover?)

tips, links, suggestions?
Dedicated windows machine.
IE should work in wine.

However, I'm confused as to why you need IE. If your website is designed well, it should work well with firefox/mozilla. Unless it uses ActiveX.

IE + ActiveX will work under wine.
I'm not able to start IE in wine. It just does nothing. I also tried a standalone version ( which has the same problem.
Termina -> It is good to test the site in IE to make sure it works OK in it.

Arachnion -> It would be best to dual-boot for that purpose. I ahve in the past got Wine to run IE OK, but things often break when they release new versions.

You should just be able to "cd /path/to/ie/on.actual/windows/disk" then "wine iexplore.exe"

Make surethat wine is setup correctly though. There should be a directory called ".wine" in your home directory containing and other directory called drives. The drives directory should have symlinks to the various drives. Make sure c: points at a windows install (or fake windows install).

If your website is code well odds are it will look like crap in IE. IE is so non-standards compliant that code that perfectly validates w3c standards and look right in Firefox could very well fall apart in IE.

I suggest that you keep a dual boot around. I do all my web design on macs and just either have my own Windows box somewhere to boot it up, or I have nice friends that can send me screen shots of the page. Good luck.
IE isnt standards compliant, but you can still create a standards compliant website that works about the same in IE and others with a bit of tweaking. This is however, rather off-topic wink.gif

I always test sites on an actual Windows install, because fonts look a bit different in Wine, and that can have an effect on the way the page renders.

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