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I have a company that currently has no server and about 10 desktops, most xp or 2000 and 2 or so 98. They want a file server, I noticed on Dell's order page they have

Red Hat Linux ES 3.0, 1 Year Red Hat Network Subscription [subtract $150]
Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES v3, 1 Year Red Hat Network Subscription, EM64T [subtract $150]

I have used linux on my desktop a lot but never in a actual server environment, I was wondering how hard would it be to configure the desktops to connect to the samba shares? And if there is per user licensing like windows? I did not see an extra option to buy licenses. I really want to do it but want to make sure its worth it for just being a fileserver. Thanks for any replies.
If you want RHEL, use Centos (it's free).

Setting up Samba is actually very easy, it's usually just adding a samba user (reflecting an account on that machine) and changing the WORKGROUP line in the smb.conf file. wink.gif

As for the machine... for such a small number of machines, just use an oldish (400mhz?) server with a decent amount of ram (512mb should be enough). The only main factor is hard drive space, which won't run you too much.
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