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Full Version: Grub Installation On Second Hard Drive
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i am currently running centOS 3.3 on a single hard drive in my server.

it is a 40 gig hard drive...

i have another ~41 gig hard drive which i will put in it...

of which i will rsync my main 40gig hard drive to for backup purposes...

that way if my main drive fails i have a sorta mirrored hard drive to boot from....

how do i install grub to the mbr of the second hard, without affecting the
grub install on my main hard drive if i have to reboot it for kernel updates and such.
that way if something happens i can change the boot sequence in my bios to boot to the second hard drive

the thing is i dont want to reload just to do software mirroring......

any suggestions....
you chould just chroot into that driver and install grub like you normally would.

Just boot up the primary system. Mount the second hard drive into a folder and mout all the sub directories, then just chroot to the other system. Then you can install grub and everything will be peachy keen. Try that.
how do i mount the directories after i mount the hard drive to a folder?

i really dont understand....
mout all the sub directories

I assume he means things like /home, /boot, etc. that you might have seperate partitions for.

For example, assume that:

hdb1 = /
hdb2 = /home
hdb3 = swap
hdb4 = /usr

So, you'd:

mkdir /mnt/hdb
mkdir /mnt/hdb/home
mkdir /mnt/hdb/usr

mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt/hdb
mount /dev/hdb2 /mnt/hdb/home
mount /dev/hdb4 /mnt/hdb5/usr
Ya Termina got it. Any directories that are stored on the partition will come along for the ride by default, its only if you have folders that are seperate partitions. Sorry for the confusion.
I believe that you are trying to install the grub on a different part of the hard disk drive.
just execute the command grub-install /dev/partition(place where you have the second MBR). well the command i said works with redhat linux !!!

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