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Hello please help me when i try to run the installation of xchat but i cant it says permission denied. I did ./Filename.rpm but as i said before it said permission denied. sad.gif please help!
A file with the extension *.rpm is in "Redhat Packaging Manager" format. Think of it as a "zip" file. In order to install these files, you need to change your self to root by issuing the "su" command and entering your root password. From there you can install the package with the command "rpm -Uvh filename.rpm", from there, the packaging manager will check dependancies and install the package, which you can run afterwards with the command "xchat" (make sure you are not root when you run xchat).
Actually, install is
rpm -ivh filename.rpm

Update is as above....
you have to use rpm -Uvh if xchat is already installed
and you are updating the package......
either way....rpm -Uvh will still work
2 points to Chris #2
wooo hooo! 2 points for me
Man, how'd you get a 567meg install of redhat 8??? That's insane. I could easily do it with debian, no troubles, but redhat? Good job.
its really simple....
i selected the development package group...looked to see what defalut packages would be installed for that any additional optional packages that you could select...wrote them all down....

then selected the option to do a minimal grayed out
all the other option groups
and then checked the 'select individual packages' box at the bottom
and sat down for a good hour going through each individual package
double checking ...rechecking...checking again..
getting rid of packages i didnt want from the minimal install...doubling
checking those...then going back and adding the packages that would
then be installed by the development package group plus any other development stuff in that group i wanted....again
again and again...

and came up with the 567 meg install....

it took me 4 installs to get it right..and ALOT of hours and patience
to make sure everything was right....

the 567 is after i installed apache, mysql, proftpd, php from source...and my database data and configured my webserver with all the pages i would want ....

so im pretty pleased with my install.....

and that is how i installed everything

oh and did you happen to read my latest reply to the
'who was your first' topic....pretty funny huh....
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