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Full Version: Floppy Disc Problem, Noob To Suse
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Starting off, I just started using Suse Linux on an old Gateway PC (because of WinXP's stupid activation thing), and all is going swimmingly except the fact that it doesn't recognize the Floppy Drive that was in the computer when I bought it quite a few years back.

Having no knowlege of kernels and programming and all that, is there an easy solution? I feel like it should recognize the drive (as Windows does), but I don't know quite what to do. And it is quite important that I get it to work.

Thanks all, I appreciate it, as I know how annoying noobs can be sad.gif

Can you provide an "ls" of /dev/ ?

The floppy is probably being detected, just not mounted

what is "ls"?
It's just a directory listing command. Open a shell/terminal/console (run "konsole" if youare using KDE) and then type

cd /dev/

Then copy and paste the output here

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