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Full Version: Squid Proxy Management Help
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I am setting up a squid proxy server. The school that the server is for has a 10gb limit traffic limit for every 30 days. I have configured squid with delay pools and i am using LDAP for authentication and the webmin module for administration.

What i need is a Management tool/script to allow or deny user access based on traffic quota.

I would try and perl script it myself but i aint very good at it.

I have found this

SAMS (SQUID Account Management System)
is a WEB-based interface and tool to manage users of SQUID proxy

# Description/B>: manages users access to SQUID - proxy with NTLM, NCSA authorization or IP address
# manages prohibition of users to access to URL
# manages redirect of users demand to graphical resources (banners, counters)
# saves and builds reports of users traffic statistic
# switches of users access to SQUID proxy if his traffic quota is off
# manages a delay pools for users groups

# Linux, FreeBSD, etc
# Apache
# SAMBA suite (for NTLM authorization)

But the site has gone down sad.gif and is in russia no less. If anyone has the link or has dl it before can they post the link and instructions. or if you know of anything else that might help with quota management

Cost is an issue as its a primary school

Any help would be appreciated

This site is there

and you can download it from there, just tried.

Robert B

your the link just keeps timing out. I have tried it from 2 different broadband connections and it doesnt work any chance you can email it to me? also any of the documentation will help as well

ill pm my email to you
If anyone can Download "sams-20050412.tar.gz" from the website "" above can u plz email it to me at

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