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Full Version: Need Help With Ungifted Accounts And Security
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to set my Linux box up so people (myself and a few select friends) can SSL into it from remote computers to help run my webserver/mailserver. I want to give all of my friends "ungifted" accounts so they can do some things, but not everything.

Firstly, can I have a list of all the nongifted account names for Redhat 7.1? Or should I create new ones for them?

Secondly, I have heard that from an ungifted account it would be very easy for them to "su" to root without my password via SSL. Is this true? If so, how can I prevent it?

Any tips on security welcomed!
WHat do you mean by ungifted account??

A user can do "su" only when he knows the password,so i think you need not worrry about that.
Im not entirely sure what you mean by ungifted, but user-accounts by default can only access their own files, files which are world-read/writable and files shared within their group.

The only user who can touch all the files is root (unless you do sometihng stupid) - So "ungifted" accounts are all of them really.

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