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Full Version: Knoppix 3.8.1 Freezes At Boot
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I am new to Linux, so I might ask some newbie questions, please bear with me.

I am running XP Pro with Virtual PC 2004. I had an old version of Knoppix: 3.7, which I used and ran Knoppix fine, even with internet. But now I am trying v3.8.1 and at this point in the bootup:

Network device eht0 detected, DHCP broadcasting for IP.

it freezes. Does anyone know what is the problem?

v3.7 works, but 3.8.1 doesn't....

They might have added an 'upgraded' module for your NIC, which causes some problems.

Is there a reason why you can't just use the old live CD?
I kind of wanted to use the newest version and not be stuck in an older version, but if that's all that will work then I guess I'm stuck with it.
Put in the old one, and 'lsmod'. Save the output to your email, or something.

Now put in the new one, and when it stalls, press control + c, or control + d (usually it freezes when trying to aquire an IP /w DHCP). This should stop it, and you *should* be able to get into Knoppix (just without the internet).

See if you're able to use 'dhcpcd' or 'dhclient' at that point, for it to work. lsmod again, and check it against your first lsmod.

Also, you might want to post this as a bug on the Knoppix forums.
Like I said, I am new to Linux. What is lsmod?

I tried CTRL-D and CTRL-C at the boot, but 3.8.1 still freezes at startup. One of my friends said it might be driver problems with the new v2.6 kernel.
I am also new to linux, and I have this problems with both 3.6 and 3.7..... Either ctrl+c and ctrl+d won't work. Is there anything else I can do?

Ayla Asperger
Does anyone have any thoughts? I really want to try the new version of Knoppix and even hard drive install it if I can, but the darn thing doesn't boot.
Well I guess I'm out of luck. Bye Linux
Sorry, but 11 minutes is really not long enough to get a reply.

I ahvent used knoppix, but a lot of distros let you press "i" at some point during boot to enter interactive mode. That way you can choose which tihngs you want to start. Just say yes to everything but DHCP.

Failing that, you could try a different distribution. Ubuntu Linux is avilable as a live CD, and you can actually order a proper copy of it for free.

No sense in giving up.

11 minutes? Try 2 days, look closer.

I must have asked for help on half a dozen other Linux forums, this is the only place I got a reply, but sadly nothing works. I'll try the i command.
aaaaaaah - Sorry
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