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Full Version: Don't I Need Software?
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Hey everybody,

I'm new to Linux and my question is:
don't I need a anti-virus, a spyware detector,
a firewall.
I know that linux has a firewall but I guess I'm used to not
trusting the Windows firewall that I'm still in denial. (I need reassurance)

If I do needs these things which software is good that these applications

What distribution are you using? Linux doesnt work liek most other software - You cant really say "Linux has a firewall" because Linux (n it's basic form) is just a kernel (a piece of software which handles communication between hardware and software). Some Linux distrbutions (normally called GNU/Linux, since Linux by itself is not good, and GNU by itself is no good) come with a fireall, others don't.

If you need an overview of how the Linux model works (ie distributions and whatnot) then have a look at which is quite a good guide.

You dont really need anti-spyware, becuase nobdy writes spyware for Linux. For the same reason, you dont really need anti-virus. Viruses also tend to be less prolific because genreally you use your computer as a user, not an administrator, so you cant install system-wide software, or overwrite anything important.

How does your PC connect to the internet? Do you use broadband, dialup etc? What type of hardware are you using? Do you use a router of any type?

If you PC connects directly to a modem then it is a good idea to use a firewall. Even though a virus is rare and seldom does harm in linux they do exist. There is antivirus programs for linux. If you use your PC as a file server with other users it would protect them from spreading. No need for spyware.

I would include a rootkit and If you do not protect your PC someone can still gain access into your system and do some nasty stuff.

Firewall info:
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