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Full Version: Boot Problems...
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So... I have RedHat 9.0... The one before they branched off into two companies, I only just got around to installingt it.
I installed and played around with it for awhile, but then I had to disconnect it for awhile... So it sat for about 2 weeks...
So yesterday, I put more RAM in, so I could have 128 MB... It works great, but then I was in Mozilla, and I forget where I went, but everytime I would look at a new page, It would redirect to that one. I had to go out for a bit, and when I came back it was in Kernal Panic, The screen was all black, the two keyboard lights blinking... I think I booted it up about 4 more times, where after 5 minutes it would do the same thing. So, this morning, I turn it on, and I try to reinstall it. The first time, Graphical Installation came up, but I exited that, To see if I could get the system working without reinstallation... So I exited, booted it up, it went into kernel panic after a minute... So I try going back into setup and it gives me a different prompt and tells me it can't read from my CD-Drive... I open the computer up, and check it all out, the connections are fine, so I plug in another CD-Rom. Now it can't boot anything from floppy disks, and it is connected. The boot-up proscess starts but never finishes, so I plug in the old CD again, and same thing happens... So, does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about, or how to fix it?
Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long post.

One more thing, when you turn it off at whatever step I'm at, you have to physically unplug it from the wall for a minute for anything to work, otherwise you can't see anything.
Sounds like it could be dodgy RAM. Try taking out the new module.

I tried taking out the ram, but it didn't work... So, at this point, I'm just looking for a way to reformat and reinstall... I might be able to put it in another computer with windows on it, would I be able to format it on that computer, and then just have a completely empty hard drive (Without grub)?
You could just reinstall from the CD - Or does the CD fail to boot?

It fails to boot from CD, and Floppy...
I checked the bios, apparently it's not detecting the cd thing, so it's not giving me the option to boot from CD... It seems like it's reading from the cd, and it opens and closes... It just doesn't work.
Weird, eh?
Any more ideas? Or should I just go buy a Salvation Army computer...
The CDROM will open/close and read the CD regardless of whether or not the BIOS detects it. Check the cables, and check that the jumpers on the drives are set correctly (eg one master and one salve on each IDE channel). If they are set to "CS (cable select)" then try setting one as master, and one as slave.

Also try resetting the BIOS settings, normally using JP1 on the motherboard, but check the manual if you have it (you might be able to find one on the manufacturer's website)

To restore BIOS settings (if your motherboard isn't labeled well, or you don't have the manual), you can also remove the quarter-shaped battery on the board. (make sure the computer is unplugged). Put it back in after a few minutes, and settings should be default.

Best of luck.
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