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Full Version: Linux Booting Problem
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I am fairly new to linux, but have had it running on my comp (dual boot with XP) for a while. I am using Xandros 3.0 and a couple weeks ago I tryed to boot into Xandros and it stopped loading anythingafter it saID "Checking filesystems..............OK"
There were no error messeges so I tryed it many more times and still no luck...I even left it for aboput 15 mins and nothing, So I decided to try one of my livecd fact I tryed a few...and this is the error I got than- "modeprobe: Can't locate module xfs"
I have also tryed the install disc and got to a cursor and a blank black screen but nothing else.

This is driving me crazy and any help would be appreciated, thanks,

Did something happen last time you used Xandros? I looks like it uses the xfs filesystem (which is a bit uncommon for most distros). You might want to try a diffrent live CD (the ones you tried apparently don't have xfs support). Knoppix/DSL?

You might be able to use fsck to fix the problem. (fsck -t xfs /dev/hda2) Where hda2 is the linux partition.

Otherwise, have you run partition magic (or a similar program) recently and changed your partitions at all? Do you remember anything out of ordinary that happened during the time before you tried booting into linux again?
One of the distros I tryed was Knoppix STD, and I am pretty sure I havnet ran any programs that would change anything. It was kind of odd cuz it just stopped working one day (thats what it seems like )
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