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I am quite proficient with using windows. Now I would like to learn Linux. I have installed Mandrake 9.1 on my computer but do not want to learn all the text necessary with the konsole. Is there anywhere I can go to learn about linux using only the graphical user interface?? For instance--where do I find the hard-drive or another portable usb hard drive. etc. etc. What do all these folder names stand for. (var.etc,cron and so on.) Many more people would convert to linux if we could use it like windows or even the Mac.
Get away from the idea of "drives". In Linux, you have a computer. The filewystem lets you aces all your files, drives, and raw access to devices like scanners (which you probably will never need to concern yourself with).

Normally, CDs go into /mnt (as do USB stick [if they auto-mount]).. .mnt is short for "mount" (which is the process of mkaing a device with files show up in your filesystem")

/etc is config
/usr is userspace prog
/bin is basic system programs
/home is home folders (docs etc)
/var is spools (eg print-queues, and sometimes email queues)
/dev is where the hardwareb shows up (not really imporant as far as the user is concerned)
/proc is a temp system filesystem, that the kernel uses for stuff
and, /tmp is temporary files

Ther are more, but im not sure what they do. Linux is a different OS, if it was like Windows, it would just be Windows. Personally, I think Linux is more sensible.

Also, MDK9.1 is kind of old - 10.1 is the current release.

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