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Full Version: Kernel Upgrade Kicking Newb's Ass
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howdy all,

Situation: I'm trying to upgrade a RedHat 9 box's kernel from 2.4.20-8 to Let me start out with a request that no one suggest I switch to a different distribution. Thanks!

I went through a few kernel upgrade articles, read the CHANGES document in the kernel source, and added/upgraded the modules suggested.

I followed the procedures to:

- extract my kernel source to /usr/src/linux-

- make mrproper

- coped my config file to /usr/src/linux-

- make oldconfig

- make menuconfig

- make dep (it responded that it wasn't necessary)

- make bzImage

- make modules

- make modules_install

- copied bzImage to /boot and renamed it to vmlinuz-

- changed the symbolic link vmlinuz to point to vmlinuz-

- copied from my source directory to /boot/

- changed the symbolic link to point to

- ran mkinitrd initrd-

- edited /etc/lilo.conf and added a new section, copying the syntax from the existing section and changing the references to the kernel and initrd files.

- ran lilo which happily reported adding WinXP, RedHat9, and NewKernel


- chose "NewKernel" from my list of choices.

At which point my box booted straight into the old kernel. Merde!

Ran thru all my changes to double check for syntax and spellnig erorrss. Nope, everything's correct.

Look in /boot to discover my symlinks to had been changed back to point at the old I changed it back to point to the map and did ls -l to check that it was pointing to the new map file. Yep, it is! So once again it's time to...

REBOOT! and choose NewKernel.

Same result. Boots back into the old kernel... Checked in /boot again and, sure enough, my symlink had again been hijacked.

I found one thing I think my be contributing to my problem: the module-info symlink, which is pointing to module-info.2.4.20-8 and I have no newer module-info file to replace it with. (yes, that sentence ends in a proposition!) If there should be a newer module-info file somewhere to which the symlink should point, please post that information!

hmm... Since it keeps going back to my old kernel, what would happen if I take the old kernel options out of lilo.conf and try again? My menu offered me NewKernel and WinXP. Upon choosing NewKernel, the boot process started and died quickly in a kernel panic with the message:

VFS: Cannot open root device "LABEL=/" or 00:00
Please append a correct "root=" boot option
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 00:00

And it was this point that I turned to that most knowledgable of all sources, the Internet. Apparently the terms involved in my problems are generic and ubiquitous enough that I can't sort out a solution with Google, talented with it though I may be...

My current lilo.conf:


append="hdd=ide-scsi root=LABEL=/"

append="hdd=ide-scsi root=LABEL=/"


Lil help?

indytech at att dot net
You're in luck, I've found some information regarding how to do this for RedHat.

A few things you might want to check there, it seems that you need to do some things diffrently in order for this to work. Very well written guide. smile.gif
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