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Full Version: I'm Having A Problem With Cd Files.
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Ok I just got red hat 9 installed for the first time and I'm trying to recover my backed up Ebooks (over 5 gigs of them *smile*). They are 99% in .pdf format with a few .zip files here and there, but I have a problem:

When I insert the CD and try to copy the files nothing happens... then when i click on a file it disappears?

I've searched google without much luck and im a little worried to say the least, my ebook collection is very important to me. I would very much appreciate any advice you could give me on this subject because I'm lost. Help a newbie out? unsure.gif
I am a little confused. Your ebooks are on CDs? (Thats a lot of CDs) So you pop the CD in the tray, it shows up on the desktop of RedHat, you open the little icon, then when you click on the files they disapear? Ummm, ya, thats odd.

Try this. Get a terminal. Get root access. (su) and navigate to your /mnt folder. (cd /mnt will take you there). List the folders that exist (ls) and there should be one named cdrom or something like that. Change into that directory and list again. If you can see your pdf files, try copying them over to your home folder with a command like cp book1.pdf /home/user/book1.pdf (you could also copy foldiers like cp -R folder1 /home/user/folder1)

If that isn't working then I we need to look into how the CD-ROM is mounted. Post a copy of the CD-ROM line from your /etc/fstab file, if you don't know which line i am refering to, just post the whole thing.

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