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I have a Disk Smith winmodem (536EP). It shows up in the hardware list as "unknown/others", using the mandrake 9.1 control centre. I have installed the drivers from the CD that came with the modem, I think. How do I find where the modem has been installed and how do I make it work?? How can I find out which port it uses. I am new to linux so I do not understand it very will so will need real basic advise. Thank you, Allanjava script:emoticon(':(')
Did you install the driver for your OS version? From doing a little research I believe the module is called
Intel536. Look at the output of the console command lsmod to see if it is loading. If it is you probably have a device /dev/536ep. Also check to see if you have a /dev/modem and if it is linked to the 536ep device.

I've do not have any actual experience using a winmodem but you should be able to use any modem app. Just configure it to use the /dev/modem.
Sorry to have to say this but it is my understanding that winmodem
or win -anything will not work with Linux , the reason is win- anything leave some thing out of of them that can only be found in that "other system ". But as i'm not an expert on this there may be a way around it . All the best.
SOME Winmodems work. But I think it is highly unlikely that the C had any Linux drivers on it.

You are however, better of with a proper hardware modem (Winmodems are only semi-hardware devices, a lot of processing is done by the CPU/OS, rather than the modem). I tihnk the MDK10.1 support for WinModems is better than 9.1 (everything else is more up to date anyway) so you might want to consider upgrading.

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