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Full Version: Debian Gui Problems
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I got my friend to install Debian Linux on their computer. Unfortunately the graphics desktop was not able to start up, so all that it did was come up to the console prompt thingy. Now my friend cannot access the internet, so I am posting this.

What has been tried:
1) Installing Debian many times, selecting different graphics drivers each time.
Not all the graphics card drivers have been tried.
2) Installing Xandros OCE
This worked perfectly, but he wants Debian instead because it is free.
3) Finding out what graphics thingy (newbs are allowed to say thingy, right?) a Suse liveCD was using and selecting that option during Debian install
This did not change anything.
4) Looking at an error message produced during Debian startup
This said "Fatal Error:" followed by something to the order of "no screens detected" or "unable to find screen". Sorry I don't remember exactly...

What have been thought of:
1) Knoppix
Somebody my friend knows claims to have had similar problems and fixed them by installing Knoppix as their operating system. Is it possible that they put the contents of a Knoppix CD into a partition of their hard drive?
2) Fadora
I have a Fadora Core 3 DVD, but the computer in question has no DVD drive. What files could I copy off the DVD onto a CD in order to make Fadora Core 3 installable from CD?

We are talking about a Dell computer with a CD drive and an eternal CD drive, as well as a floppy drive. Though I have no idea how, eventually the plan is to dual boot it with Windows 98 (so that it will have internet capabilities even though the modem is incompatible). Sorry I don't have better hardware specs.

So what might be tried? Any thoughts (or even outright advice) would be appreciated!

Thank you for your continued helpfulness... Sorry I don't have more specific information...
there ar ea couple of ways to do this.

First off, you can install xandros, seeing that it works fine, and have a look at what modules are loaded, and even grab a copy of the X config file and store this on a floppy. To find out what modules you have loaded, do:


And you can copy your X config file, which should be located in /etc/X11/ . This way you have a blueprint to work from.

Another option would be to get knoppix and boot off that cd, and use the script they have included to install it to the computer. When knoppix installs to the hard drive, it pretty much becomes a glorified Debian install, so, your end result would fit what you want, and this option might be the easiest to perform. For instructions on installing knoppix, check out this guide
The tutorial in question says to use the comand "knx-hdinstall", but this returns the result of "command not found" as superuser. Knoppix is version 3.8.1, bought from a vendor...

I dont know about Debian, but most xorg systems have a program called "xorgconfig" whihc should guide you through the graphics configuration. Not sure what it would be on a system that uses XFree86 though. (Try typing x followed by a tab to list all commands beggining with x)

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