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Full Version: Problems Installing Programs On Rh9
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Hello all, I am using Redhat 9 'Shrike' and i'm extremely frustrated trying to install programs. I downloaded many RPM's & source code form software. With almost every RPM: a window flashes for too brief a time to even read, that's it. Nothing is installed, no error message, no nothing. What the ????

Source code: I've yet to sucessfuly install a single program by trying to build from source! I've read 3 books on redhat linux regarding installing programs and have followed the directions carefully.Here is what happens every single time:

I run './configure', I get an error message saying I need so-and-so to build this. OK, i go and download so-and-so and try to build that. I get an error message saying it requires such-and-such to build this one. OK, I go and download that. I first
read the README, which is about 12 pages of incomprehensable instructions, i continue on and on. After i'm about 6 levels deep in dependency apon dependency and the instructions becoming so convoluted i give up....

Does this scenario happen to anyone else? Am i missing something about linux?

well It seems you found out what a dependency is smile.gif smile.gif , well I can tell you of a software that can make your life a lot easier with Red Hat 9 (also consider upgrading to CentOS 3.x or CentOS 4.x, or Fedora Core 1,2,3)

open up the console (terminal) and type the following exactly as I tell you :

cd /home
rpm -Uvh apt-0.5.5cnc6-fr1.i386.rpm

now this little tool which you will love , this will save you from lots of endless deps.

from now on to update the system
apt-get update

to install a package.... for example you wanna install xine (media player)
apt-get install xine

no need to worry about deps.

type apt-get to get a list of thing you can do with this nice piece of life savin' software
for example searching for something like mozilla

apt-get search mozilla (will list all packages , that have mozilla in the name)

but REALLY-REALLY consider upgrading to a newer distro, rh9 is really old.

Robert B
Thanks, I did as you suggested, and much relief has followed! I have used the apt-get to install totem media player, which i had given up on before. I have all 3 FC's, and i still prefer good 'ol RH9. One reason is because i have several books on RH9 specificaly, another reason is the boot bug in FC2&3. I suffered a lot of hassle with that one too!

I am curious about CentOS for sure, but probably will just wait for the final release of Debian Sarge before i finaly wipe RH9.
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