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Full Version: Fudge Amount Of Memory Available
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I want to install an application that checks for 512 mb of memory. But I only have 256. Is there a way to have linux report 512. Can I modify the /proc/meminfo file by hand? Does anyone have some things I could try.


Any program that has a check built in to make sure that you have 512 MB of memory is doing it for a reason.

I would stronly advise against modifying anything in the proc by hand unless you abosolutly know what you are doing. And modifying the membinfo file would be really really dumb. The system will then start writing to your new phantom memory and thats gonna be great.

The best way to make your system think it has 512 MB of ram is to go to and buy another 256 MB of RAM and pop it in. Trust me, you do not want to screw around with tricking your computer into thinking it has RAM it doesn't.

Besides, if the program needs 512 MB of memory, then you aren't going to be able to run it with only 256.
I'm with Jim - Any program that thinks it needs 512mb RAM isnt gong to have exceptional performance anyway (thanks to bottlenecks int he system) - Su running it at 256mb will probably be painful.

Memory is pretty cheap, and will probably increase the performance of the rest of the system anyway.

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