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Full Version: What Hardware Are You Running Linux On?
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Just curious what the average hardware people are using these days to run Linux. I have many old PC's I use to mess around/experiment with linux on, but these are my main system specs, the PC I am using right now:

(i built it about 3 years ago - so i'm sure it's 'obsolete' already)

Gigabyte K7 mobo w/ firewire, RAID, USB 2.0 , etc.
Athlon XP 1800+ CPU 1.54Ghz
512MB DDR 333
WD 80GB Hard drive 8 MB buffer
NEC DVD-RW 8x4x40 single layer
AOPEN CD-RW 52x32x52
nvidia GeForce 4 TI 4200 128MB
SB Live! 5.1

oh yeah:
O/S: Redhat 9 Linux & Winblow$ XP dual boot
I only boot Windoze when I'm forced to, which is becoming less and less often...
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard
Athlon XP 3200+ CPU
1x DDR 333 512mb RAM
1x DDR 333 1024mb RAM
(Sygate?)120GB Hard drive 7200RPM
WD 20GB Hard Drive 7200RPM
CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive (52x32x52x16x)
Nvidia 5700FX 128mb
Onboard nForce2 audio

Built this machine myself, it's gone over quite a few upgrades. It's a real monster. Sadly, I had to replace the 2 MDT 80GB HDDs in there with a 20GB HDD.

It runs Windows XP, as it is no longer my workstation. Rather, it is in the other room for my brother to play games on. smile.gif

It used to run Slackware and Debian.

ASUS A7N266-E Motherboard (nForce1 chipset)
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1.53GHz)
Geforce4 ti4200 128MB DDR
Crystal Soundfusion Audio
Leadtek Winfast TV2000XP Deluxe TV-Tuner
AOC 9GLRS 19" monitor
Maxtor 80GB Quiet Drive
LG DVD-ROM & Generic burner (don't remember the company)
Centrios Keyboard (nice laptop keys)
Logitech Cordless optical mouse & Dell mouse
Logitech Wingman Rumblepad
Cambridge Soundworks 4.1 speakers

Server1 (Web, Email, FTP, Samba server)

Intel 440BX mobo
Pentium III (Katmai) 450MHz
451,604Kb SDRAM (don't remember brand)
Realtek 8139 network card
10GB drive (system)
80GB drive (fileserver)

Server2 (Misc, mostly used for distcc distributed compiling)

Intel 440BX mobo
pentium III (katmai) 450MHz
Realtek 8139 network card
20GB drive

That's about it. I'm looking to upgrade my client computer sometime in the future (like when i get a job), other then that, i'm happy with my hardware.

Oh, and distributions are:

Workstation (Gentoo 2004.3)
Server1 (Debian Sarge)
Server2 (Debian Sarge)

Firewall :

CPU : Celeron (Covington) 233 mhz (daily down 640MB , up 120MB)
MEM : 128MB
HDD : 3.2GB
3x Realtek 100 mbit RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+
Centos 3.3 (I will switch this soon to CentOS 4.0 , to keep it the latest)

Proxy / Router / DNS / Internal Webserver (the router will move to another machine)

CPU : AMD XP 1700+
MEM : 1.5 GB
HDD : 40GB
4x Realtek 100 mbit RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+
nforce (compaq)
CentOS 3.3 (will long as 3.x is supported)

Hylafax Server :

CPU : 333Mhz p2 klamath (59 computers, weekly load 150 pages incoming)
MEM : 128MB
HDD : 4.8GB (?)
1x Realtek 100 mbit
intel (compaq)
CentOS 3.3

Company1 (backuppc,dhcp,samba file server) (59 computers)
CPU : 333 Mhz p2 klamath
MEM : 256 MB
HDD : 120GB
1x Realtek 100mbit
intel (compaq)
CentOS 3.3

Company2 (backuppc,dhcp,samba file server,e-mail server(mailscanner+clamav+spamassassin) (10 computers)
CPU : 333 Mhz p2 klamath
HDD : 80GB+120GB
1x Realtek 100mbit
CentOS 3.3

Company3 (domain controller, dhcp server,backuppc) (29 computers)
CPU : amd 1800XP
HDD : 120GB + 120GB
1x Realtek 100mbit
CentOS 3.3

Company1(domain controller) 59 computers
CPU : amd 64bit 3000+
HDD : 2x SATA 160GB mirroring
nforce 3
CentOS 4.0

E-mail server for all three companies (+ some aditional hosting for really close partners)
CPU : amd xp 1700+
HDD : 80GB
nforce 2
CentOS 4.0

home :
got one dual booting xp/centos 4.0
CPU : amd xp 2500+
HDD : 80GB+80GB+40GB
nforce 2
ati radeon 9600pro

but I usualy only use my Play Station 2 at home smile.gif

most of these machines are bit much for my current lan, but I don't wanna switch servers in the near future.

Robert B

ps.: for server I'm only using APC UPS ranging from 500 to 1200(this one is old, but It was able to hold a compaq with monitor and sound playing for 4hrs, I couldn't wait any longer so I stoped), but got a brand new 1100
Web Server
Intel Celeron 1,7
256 megs of ram
160 gig WD hd
os: slackware 10.1
Nvidia GeForce MX 128

Current Workstation
Intel Celeron 2.4
512 megs of ram
Nvidia GeForce MX 128
120 gig HD
os: Winbloze XP pro/
Slack 10.1 - kde3.4
Server: (NFS, NIS, Samba, HTTP, FTP, [+ anytihng else I feel like aplying with])
Duron 1.3Ghz
512mb RAM
8.4GB System HDD + 120GB Storage HDD
64mb GeForce4 MX AGP8x (Overkill, it doesnt even have X...)
2x Belkin F5D500 NICs (based on realtek chips)
TEchnailly, it also has sounds and tons of USB ports, but theyre all disabled in the BIOS

Mandrake 10.1
512mb RAM (2x 256mb)
40GB HDD (shared with win98)
Belkin F5D5000 NIC
AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67Ghz - Only runs at ~1.4 'cause my mobo voltages are a bit low)
DVD-RW (& RAM, although I never use it for that)
GeForce 4 MX AGP8x 128mb (My mobo only supports AGP 4x though)
4-speaker sound
Now I mention my nice 17" TFT & my wireless kbd/mouse - Purely because they are quite new, and shiny

My hardware thinks as fast as me, so i'm not really bothered about going any better...

Mind you, my mobo does seem to be letting the side down a bit... Maybe if I suddenly win a lot of money I will get a new one. It has been very reliable though...

Asus A7V8X-X mobo
Athlon XP 2000+
512 meg PC2700
WD 80 gig
Sony CDR
ATI Radeon 9250
integrated AC97 aound

Dual boot: Win XP SP1 and RedHat 9

sounds a lot like Gnu Man, hehe
I forgot to mention me other machines, I also have a:

PII 400Mhz
nv Riva128 4MB video
2.1GB Hard Drive (my original 16GB HD died the other day sad.gif )
O/S: FreeBSD 4.3 GNOME w/ Enlightenment WM - old but very cool still!

'286 12Mhz
640kb + 384 kb extended
no-name VGA 256kb VRAM (not SVGA - the original!)
256MB Hard Drive
O/S: Minix i86 2.0.0 - the actualy O/S that inspired Linux into existance! A cool Unix clone that runs
in 16-bit protected mode.

4.77Mhz 8088 (Tandy 1000)
128kb RAM
CGA Graphics (PC jr.)
dual 360kb 5 1/4" floppy drives
O/S: DOS 2.11 (yechh!) Sadly, no other O/S small & humble enough to run - i've tried!
478 socket foxconn 661sli motherboard
with 2.4 celron mhz cpu <----------- yes it right a hot box i must of been a out of my mind
with 512 mb of ddr ram
with a 20 gb western digatal hard running at 5400 rpm
with a nirvia geforce 4 440mx 128mb videro card
realtek 8329 network card
and dvd sony player
and 52x24x52 sony cd burner

cool system huh

and OS Mandrake nine with 2.4 kernel
mandrake 9 sad.gif

Mandrake 10 is quite a lot better - And since it has a 2.6 kernel is (arguably) more responsive biggrin.gif

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