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Full Version: Need To Find Out What Motherboard I Have
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It's a small motherboard, red in color. That, of course, doesn't help you... nor me.

Do you know of a good, live, CD/Disk that I could use to find this out?

I need to find the SATA drivers from my motherboards manufacturer. =/
I don't know of any commands that will display the make / model of a motherboard. The info displayed from the comand lspci should show the chipset info for the controller which should then provide a lead to the required module. Any liveCD should have this utility.

I would think the motherboard would have its manufacture ID silkscreened somewhere.
Nah, no help.

I fucking hate generic motherboards that don't come with a manual.

On the other hand, I hate paying for things. biggrin.gif So I suppose I can't complain.

I was trying to get the SATA drive to work, and install Windows XP on it for my brother. I searched around, and it looked like I needed the SATA shit for my motherboard... turned out I needed the drivers for the SATA *card* (obvious, right?).

Only problem was, the SATA card didn't come with drivers. *sighs*

Ah well, 7200rpm 80gb SATA drive for $50 = win.
In all my experiences, the only sure-fire way to find out what a motherboard is,, is to rip it out of the computer and inspect it top to bottom for a manufacturer or model number. As well, google is your friend. You'd be surprised at some of the places on the motherboard that manufacturers like to hide their name.
I'd think that Hiren'sBootCd6.0 might help. Its free for download as an ISO, about 37 Mb large. You must boot on it and from its menu select System information tools.
To find the iso image search Google with the keyword HIREN'S BOOTCD6.0
Well, if you're willing to boot Windows, or from, say, BartPE, you could use AIDA32 or Everest Home edition. They both do mobo descriptions, though sometimes they are a little vague...

e.g. "Asus P3B/P3B-F/P3B-F-EE"

OTOH, you could always look for an FCC ID sticker on the board. Almost every board I've ever seen has one. That will give you a number you can look up in the FCC database. This has saved my bacon countless times.

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