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Full Version: Mandrakelinux 10.1
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I have just installed my first Linux system from the Mandrakelinux-10.1-Official Download-CD's 1-3. i586 iso.

The operation went smoothly but when rebooting I cannot seem to login, no doubt some obvious error or omission on my part!

The screen displays:-

Mandrakelinux release 10.1 (Official) for i586
Kernel mdk on an i686 / ttyl
localhost login: brian
Last login: Tue Apr 12 21:36:31 on ttyl
[brian@localhost brian]$

The last login referred to was also abortive, I had set "brian" as my username and also set a password.

I had then carried out a complete re-installation of the OS without setting a password in case this had been copied incorrectly.

At the "localhost login" I had typed my username which seemed to be accepted but then tried "Enter" in lieu of a password, my former password, "Escape" and also "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" the latter resulted in anther reboot with the same problem.

Being my first attempt at Linux after being swamped with the Windows XP Pro SP2 blue screen of death, I am anxious to get up and running so that I might cease to be Microsoft dependant.

Help would be most welcome.
I am kinda confused at what your problem is. Your first bit of output:

Mandrakelinux release 10.1 (Official) for i586
Kernel mdk on an i686 / ttyl
localhost login: brian
Last login: Tue Apr 12 21:36:31 on ttyl
[brian@localhost brian]$

...shows a successful login. When it says "[brian@localhost brian]$", you are logged in as brian, and you're now running in bash. Perhaps you were looking for a graphical login instead? Or setting a password? Or maybe you just didn't realize that you were actually logged in. I remember my first go at linux i was very confused at the login prompt, so i can completly understand after coming over from the Windows world.

Corey : I think he was expecting the gui to start up... 99% and one beer on it smile.gif

HelpHound : type the following


if it wont start, hmmm I don't really use mandrake, but I think (there might be a better way, 99% sure) , insert cd1 again, and select update os, and this time select either GNOME or KDE those are the GUI's you are looking for, and makes life for a newcomer a lot easier.

Robert B
I have Mandrake installed on my laptop, so this may help:

after everything has been transfered to the hard drive, the installer presents you with a list of things such as: sound, locale, network, etc... for you to check before you continue. One of the items is something like Graphical Configuration
It say in red letters 'not configured' but if it was your first install you may have missed it and just clicked 'next'

Try to remember if you had gone through the Xwindow config with the installer. If you can't remember entering all the values that it requires, then that's probably why X didn't start when you logged in.

but .. PLEASE do NOT go back to using Window$ you must avoid this evil at all costs!

Rest assured, this is a easy problem to solve. I have been using Mandrake 9.2 on my laptop for 3 years, and it's awsome! I had WinDOS 98 on it before and it SUCKED big time - I would never go back!
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