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Full Version: Ati Drivers
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just wondering how does one go about installing some stuff on linux;

i downloaded the ati drivers rpms and tried to install them. it won't let me install because of a conflict with the existing, stopgap drivers. trying to upgrade the drivers wont work( im not online wiht this computer && it would just update the stopgap drivers. i can't uninstall the original drivers withiut uninstalling all the dependancies, that means everything that uses X. is there any way to install or replace or something the new drivers over the old ones, without deleting everything...

we have a guide for that, it worked for me on Fedora Core 2 (I think, ...not using gui usualy,and that was a few months ago).

first this wont be easy, so be prepared that you MIGHT loose data during the process if you happen to mess up something, so I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you do this on a box that has nothing important on it.

follow this guide :

if you get stuck, please tell us the error and we will help ya, also in the future If I may ask, please include a bit more info , like what distro are you using, what kernel (uname -r).

oh...and the ati driver, well It conflicted for me to, you have to force it

rpm -Uvh --force ati*.rpm (can't remember the name of the package, but if it starts with ati, and there is only one package with ati name you can use wildcard (*) , so you wont have to type all those version numbers...makes life easier)

Robert B
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