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Full Version: How To Download Through Ssh
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Can anyone please tell me how I can download files to a remote linux computer using SSH?

I dont know the command for it. unsure.gif

Every time I needed to get a file on that machine, I'd download it to my computer and from there upload the file via FTP. Its a waste of time considering that the linux machine is on OC-12 and Im using cable.

use scp
secure copy command

i dont know the options off hand but you can

scp --help for a list of options
This is what you need.

scp ./foobar.txt

[/home/ted/foobar.txt] is the directory on the remote computer
[./foobar.txt] is the location of the local file on YOUR computer
Let me ask this..

Hhmm how should I world this.. Im a newb and I need help with setting up SSH(A SSH Deamon for Redhat Linux).. I can't seem to find the config files or dont know what to do.. I tried everything.. Im on a Windows NT machine at school(its fun, were doing excel stuff, lol) anyways.. I can see the SSH Deamon running at the proper time at startup.. but cant login via PuTTy on my ip, and my port 22.. any help would be appreicated.. I've been trying to deal with this since, like ever..

Well, thanks..
Signing of now - dc2000
well if you are trying to ssh to your box at home from school
they might have a firewall and blocking port 22 from accessing
anything outside the firewall....
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