ok - so i dusted off a old POS - piece of ____- and there are problems
first - partitions - are screwey because of the odd number of cylinders.
and now i have eight errors on
sectors 23932,-34,36,38,40,42,44,46. - close to the middle is my guess . - just past the middle.
( future partitions WILL consider this fact )

i will now try to fix.

im sure a new install - with a mkfs -c will NOT fix it.
- but i have a 386 mobo with hd utilities built into the bios.
i should be able to mark the sectors bad. - reinstall.
ok -
i tried to mark bad
those are the three nasty spots - right at the start of the drive -
i guess sometimes you get lucky and a install either hits a good spot or a bad spot -
- this time - all i get - - is a annoying error message - thats it - all is good. - except i just cant leave it like that
partition off that chunk - run dos on there - those errors at at about the 10 meg mark - easy to get dos under that.


3 partitions - 11M,3M,therestM
the 11 will the type - 83 and will need to be activated -prior- to running setup - because i do not have enough ram.
so.- boot with setup disks - format - create swap - mount - setup

it is going now - all errors have been cancelled.