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Full Version: 20 Second Keyboard Delay, Part Deux
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Ok, now this is getting serious.

My 20 second keyboard glich is still driving me nuts.

For those who haven't seen the other thread, let me recap: When I input anything from the keyboard in Mozilla, it only polls the keyboard every 20 seconds. If I try to type something in, it won't show up on my screen for 20 seconds.

I even completely reformatted my drive and reinstalled RedHat 8.0, and it is still doing it.

Only now it is worse...

Now it is not just happening in Mozilla, it is now happening in gedit, and in the text mode.

And the "cs: socket (8 digit hex number) timed out during reset. Try increasing setup_delay." loop now interupts the log-in process and all text applications (the ones I've been using for 6 years) are unusable.

I'm not enjoying this month so far...

Any clues, folks? What the heck is the cs process and how can I increase the setup_delay variable?


Leroy Smith
oh nooooo.... we don't have enough logos smile.gif

well anyways the solution to the problem is here :

Robert B
You could always make your own avatars...

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