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Full Version: Home Lan E-mail Spam Killer With Laptops
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My goals come in stages:
{I work two jobs and have little time to get into full guts of e-mail server configuration}
Please fully understand point two below before replying - thank you.

1. Setup e-mail retreiver on my Suse 9.2 Firewall/Server to feed pop or imap clients on desktop/laptops for self and spouse. (clients are Windows 98, Windows XP Home and my dual boot Thinkpad R40 laptop with Suse and XP Pro)

2. Setup spam / virus scanning protection in such a way that my spouse is not bothered at all with any technical considerations on her e-mail - basically, I review the headers or e-mails that are set aside and pass on any false positives, but she never sees any of this.

3. If the above two are successful and stable I want to set up some kind of VPN hole in the firewall so that I can retreive my e-mail from the home server from more than one work location using my laptop - I have multiple e-mail accounts for personal and two different employments, and access through two different ISP's. I want the home machine server (Suse 9.2) to keep the e-mails for all accounts but to be able to imap/pop to the laptop from anywhere.

Obviously I don't need to serve a large organization - just myself, spouse and occassional grandchildren here for summer.

The guides on ClamAV / Amavisd / Spamassassion /Postfix at various places on the Internet make my head spin and seem to go into some features I don't need or understand, or don't seem to allow point 2 - my added step of surveying a temporary result mailbox and forwarding false positives without the e-mail getting somehow mangled in the process.
The easiest way to check SPAM messages would be to have something like SpamAssasin send all mails to another user, from which you can login, check them, and the forward them on or delete them as necessay. If you whitelist the user you use, then SpamAssasin wont check them again (possibly resulting in a loop of you checking and forwarding).

IT is probably best to start of with just Postfix and Something like Dovecot (of the uw-imap package) installed so that you cna send/recieve mail. Then add fetchmail to download and foarward the email to accounts on your system from your ISP, and then work on adding SpamAssasin etc.

Postfix and dovecot / uw-imap are quite simple to setup (uw-imap usually needs no configuration, but doesnt support maildir, only mbox)

To make config easy, webmin ( is an invaluable tool, it has config interfaces for Postfix, SpamAssasin, (Procmail which you need to interface with SpamAssasin, and maybe ClamAV), and Fetchmail.

Once you ahve webmin, and RPMs for your system (which doa lot of the basic config for you) then it is quite simple to get up and running. The biggest point to watch out for is that Postfix only listens to to the TCP Loopback address ( - Noirmally called "localhost" [interface lo1]) and the local network. If you cant selcet like that, (ie both WAN and LAN traffic comes over 1 NIC) then you can tell postfix only to relay mail from the local network.

Any problems (which there are likely to be, since postfix settings vary widely between distributions) just ask, but like I said, most of it is just common sense.

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