I have installed OpenOffice.org 1.1.4 on one of my networked PC's as a start to changing over to the Linux OS and applications. Currently this PC runs Windows 2000 Professional and includes Microsoft Office XP Professional.
The Microsoft OS and applications are installed on partition C:, the data which includes both the Word and OpenOffice files on partition D: and the OpenOffice application on partition F:.
OpenOffice creates "Word" documents perfectly and can read all of the ".doc" files that have previously been created in MS Word.
However when attempting to open a ".doc" file created by OpenOffice in MS Word I get unintelligable code. I have tried using "Open With" Microsoft Word, Notepad and Wordpad but with the same result.
On the first attempt I was asked to download a file from the Office CD-ROM to provide this conversion but this did not help.
In the File Conversion window I have tried all of the options under Windows (Default), MS-DOS and Other Encoding, but although I get varying results none are in plain text.
This will not be a problem once the entire network is Linux but during what will be an extended changeover this facility is necessary.
Any assistance would be very much appreciated.