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Full Version: Simple Question?
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Hi all,

sort of a newbie when it comes to installing stuff
but I have a deticated server and i stripped the control panel so now im forced to do things on my own

first of all, I need to install phpMyAdmin, and when i go to untar it... even though it IS spelled correctly, it keeps saying cannot find directory? even when im in the directory of the file

and one other thing, they told me that the FTP program isntall is located in the Yums Respitory, I have no idea what this is?

Any Help?

do this for me. Post your bash code with a list of the directory and then the command you are trying to untar it with.

As for the yum repository, I actually have no clue. Yum is the intsaller for the Red Hat distros, did you try to yum the packages for proFTP or something?
so this is in my apache directory



[root@hd-t1046cl apache]# dir
bin cgi-bin error icons lib man modules
build conf htdocs include logs manual phpMyAdmin-2.6.1-pl3.tar.gz
[root@hd-t1046cl apache]#

And as for the Yum Respitory, I just asked them where my FTP was and they said the install was in there and i need to install it, but yum is beyond me?
oh sorry

and this is the commmand

tar -zxf phpMyAdmin-2.6.1-p13.tar.gz
woah it just seemed to work

how weird,

but yeah about the Yums... Any experience with that?
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