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Full Version: Wmv Player In Linux
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I would like to find a movie play for linux other then MPlayer that will let me play WMV files. The movie players that come with my system are: Kaffeine,Xine and Totem. If anyone knows of any good movie plays supporting the WMV format could they give me a link. Other wise is some one knows of any good codec's for the movie player's I have that would be great.

I use kaffeine for all my movie playing needs, and have never had a problem with it. I use to be a fan of mplayer, but i find Kaffeine to be much more user friendly, and also includes dvd menu support (which i could never get working in anything else). Kaffeine is pretty much a frontend application for Xine, and plays everything that i throw at it, including WMV files.

One thing to note though, many distributions (most noteably SUSE), ship crippled versions of Kaffeine without dvd support and sometimes without other codecs. You have to search the net for replacements, or recompile it yourself with the proper support. For example, with SUSE, there is a site called "packman's rpm's" that provide replacement RPM's that will allow dvd support, etc.

On the note of SUSE, as big of a fan i am of them, their multimedia leaves a lot to be desired. Thankfully there are outsiders working hard on making that aspect usable. Even in the next release of SUSE (9.3 due this month), the multimedia packages are extreamly crippled with lack of dvd and MP3 support. Unlike Redhat's cripped mp3 support, SUSE's is aparently not as easy to resolve. (I believe with Redhat, you just had to install one or a couple of rpm's to resolve it).
Any other video player u know of
You'll need the right codecs.

What distro do you have? Ask on their forums for the codecs you'll need; they'll probally give you a link to a package made just for you distro.
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