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Full Version: Switching Distros
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hey guys i have some newbie questions for ya all. I have been useing rh9 for a while and i want to explore other distros. whats the best way to switch between them? do ya have to reformat the hard disks every time? can i do it from downloads or should i go get new cd's from someplace? i suppose im jsut lookin for advice.
Well, a lot of people who plan on switching distributions often place their /home directory on a seperate partition. The purpose for this is that if they want to switch to a different distribution, they can leave their /home partition un-formated so you can maintain your personal files/settings, etc, onto your newer distribution.

If you didn't place your /home directory on a different partition, you have a few choices. The first way is to manually backup your /home directory, and re-establish it after your new install. The second choice is to create a partition now (if you have free partitions on your hard drive), and copy your files over there and then mount that partition as /home on your new distribution.

If you're not worried about your /home directory, and there is nothing else on your hard drive, you can go ahead and download the other distribution cd's, burn them off, place the first cd in the drive, and reboot off the cd. Most likely, the distribution will give you a choice in how you want to partition. You can specifically create your partitions, or let the distribution over-write your current partitions. The install will then format the drives for you (unless you tell it not to), and go ahead and install the distro.
awsome ty ill give that a shot!
Another option is if you have a second computer that you can use to experiment, you could just blast the hard drive to test out a different distro. That's what I've always done. One advantage is that if you get in a jam - which WILL happen when you are new to linux - no damage will be done to your main box! Most people still have there 'old machine' from before their last hardware upgrade.
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