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Full Version: 20 Second Keyboard Delay In Mozilla
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Greetings, fellow Linux users. My name is Leroy Smith, postting from Yelm, WA, and have used the RedHat distro of Linux since 1999. I usually use text only, but I just got a e-machine laptop and got it up on my new high-speed Internet connection 6 days ago, so I use XWindows now.

I do have a few problems (read: bugs), which I will get to in this forum within a few weeks, but this first problem is maddening (and even intermittent!):

Right now, my Mozilla application only polls my keyboard every 20 seconds. The mouse works, but any time I try to use the keyboard the text doesn't appear for 20 seconds. If I try to use the pgup or pgdn keys, they won't take effect for 20 seconds.

And to even post this message I had to create it in OpenOffice and paste it in using my mouse.

Talk about frustrating! And, to make it worse, it is intermittent. The problem was present 31MAR-01APR, Mozilla worked fine 02APR-04APR, then last night at 2030 it started doing this again... mad.gif

Thanx in advance, I hope someone has seen this before.

Canidate all time wierest problem.

So this only happens in Mozilla? If so, then you should sent a bug report into them and switch to Firefox or something because I have no idea where to even start with this problem. No stinking clue. If it happened system wide I would look at your X set-up, but since its just mozilla I think its a bug and that there isn't a whole lot you can do about it user side.

Try Firefox (its a better browser any way) and see if the problem persists.

Also, try abiword instead of openoffice, since you are new to this whole graphical thing I thought I would tell you about some othe cool apps. Nothing against OO but abiword is cool too.
QUOTE (Jim @ Apr 5 2005, 01:30 PM)
Canidate all time wierest problem.

So this only happens in Mozilla?

Yes, only Mozilla. I would use a text browser, but don't know which one was included with RedHat 8.1. Lynx does NOT work, I do know that.

Thanx for the info, I'll check into it, but hope that someone else might have seen it.

try links or links2 for a text browswer.

Sory I can't actually fix the problem but I have no idea.
Addendum to my previous post on the 20 second delay:

I now notice that every time I just 'logout' from xwindows I get the following 3 alerts from which ^c and ^s does not escape:

nautilus 1064 GTK-CRITICAL: File GTKwidget.c line 2933 assertion 'WIDGET_REALIZED_FOR_EVENT (widget,event)' failed

oops() invoked from gpm.c(164) /dev/tty0: Input/output error

cs: socket daf9f000 (or another 8 digit hex number) timed out during reset., Try increasing setup-delay

This last one inescapedly repeats over and over until I power down. Control-alt-delete does not work.

Any clues, anybody? Xwindows doesn't appear to be able to exit cleanly. Could this be related to my 20 second delay problem in Mozilla? All other applications continue to work fine.

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