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Full Version: Network Won't Initialize
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I'm pretty new to linux and got the Mandrake discovery 10.1. Almost everything seemed to self-install and work fine, but it's having trouble with the network. Here's a snippet from /var/logs/messages:

network: setting network parameters: succeeded
network: bringing up loopback interface: succeeded
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: ifplugd 0.25 initializing
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: using interface eth0/00:50:2C:07:AC:00 with driver <via-rhine> (version: 1.2.0-2.6)
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: using detection mode: SIOCETHTOOL
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: initialization complete, link beat detected
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: executing '/etc/ifplugd/ifplugd.action eth0 up'
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: dhclient: network is down
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: client: determining IP information for eth0...SIOCSIFFLAGS: function not implemented
dhclient: send_packet: network is down
last message repeated 5 times
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: killing child
network: bringing up interface eth0: failed

Help! Anyone?
It seems to be having trouble getting itself an IP address. Set the IP address etc. manually, rather than using the "automatic detection" setting.

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