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hey what the best linux distro?for me i love redhat coz i have been redhat fan since 1998
The most asked question. You will only get opinionated answers. Now, for someone like me, I have gone through a great deal of distributions checking them all, this is my general answer:

Redhat Linux: Good server mangement for dummies

Mandrake: Nice GUI, great tools, but uses RPM

Debian: Stable, Fast, Full control, uses Deb, not so good for newbies, lacks good graphical install and configuration

Slackware: Haven't dealt much in this for a while. Seems to be admired by old school guru's.

SuSE: Really nice distro, easy to install, easy to run. However, uses RPM packaging, cannot download a real iso (only live). SuSE has a bright future.

Gentoo: Gives you optimized distribution, as well as full control, computers are getting faster and faster, optimizing is not that big of a deal

LFS: Great learning tool, optimized if wanted, full control, lacks a full-fledged system in the end.

Knoppix: Great demo of linux, fast even if it is running from CD, uses Deb, great hardware detection.

My overall impressions:

In my opinion™ the best linux distribution is Debian GNU/Linux . Why? For one, it uses the deb packaging system. Apt/dselect/dpkg is the killer app (3 apps) for linux. Over 10,000 packages in the distribution, if you need something, chances are, it's got it. Stable; Debian will not release if there is a problem, sometimes this puts them a little behind other distributions, but you're getting a rock-solid system in return. Your configuration is mostly done by hand and/or curses based. Unless someone comes along and merges debian with the graphical utilities and "attractivness" as distros like Mandrake or SuSE, then nothing will ever beat Debian.

This is by no means scientific. I probably missed a whole lot of distros, and like i said, this is my opinion.
Debian for life =)
wow tourettes, you know very much about distro
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