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Full Version: Gentoo Got To Fat
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So I don't know what happened by some how my fresh install of 2005.0 managed to fill up all of its 6 gigs of spcae before I had even started putting stuff on there. Something must of gotten screwed up durring the install and I was just wondering if anybody had any good ideas for how to try to track it down and figure out what is eating my hd space. I would rather not have to rebuild it again since it was a stage 1 install and it took over 36 hours. Thanks.
Well, there are several ways to find out what part of the filesystem is eating up the most space.

Chances are, you filled your /usr/portage/distfiles, if you don't plan on re-compiling everything, you can safely clear out this directory.

You can probably track down manually the 'fattier' parts of the system with the df command.

df -h /usr/portage/distfiles
I found it, it was hiding in the /var/tmp/portage directory. I am guessing that when I did the fetch commands for the emerge it didn't delete the packages, or the emerge of xorg and kde that timed out on a server connection didn't delete the packages they had allready downloaded. Either way, over 4 gigs of packages had built up in that directory. So any of your with Gentoo and full drives......
That happened to me the other week - Took a bit longer though, since I dont have any really big packages (like Xorg or KDE) installed.

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